The passive verb trade-in program

For your second Stevenson Core paper, you may trade-in five passive verbs appearing in your essay for five active verbs. For each passive verb that you successfully exchange for an active verb, you will receive an additional single point on your assignment. When I say passive verbs I mean verbs like “is,” “was,” “are,” and “were.”

Please use the following format for your trade-in submission.


Passive verb sentence #1
Page location:
Paragraph number:

Passive sentence:

Replacement active sentence:

Passive verb sentence #2 (etceteras)

Please submit a copy of your paper along with your submission. I have offered some suggested rewrites of your sentences, but you must come up with your own original revisions for this assignment. You can submit this assignment any time over the course of the quarter through the day that the final assignment comes due. The trade-in program can only be used for the second assignment.

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