My Stevenson Core rules and tips

  1. FranklPlease visit me during office hours. I love meeting students in my office and chatting with them. My office is Stevenson 280. I’m around on Mondays from 12:30 through 3:30 pm.
  2. Do come to class. I will take attendance in all classes; if you miss more than two classes you will lose five final grade points for each additional absence. No exceptions.
  3. Do come to class on time. I talk about what’s going to happen next with the class at the beginning of class. Please be there. Chronic lateness (more than twice) will also lead to grade dinging.
  4. Please don’t use your mobile device or laptop or tablet in class. If I see you texting or talking it will trigger an immediate public interrogation.
  5. Please speak up in class. If you are shy, try this: write down a list of specific things that you think are not clear from the reading, and just bring some of them up in class. But try not to be one of those students who doggedly says nothing or as little as possible through the quarter.
  6. If you really like to talk, that’s great. But also work on your listening skills. Listen to what other people have to say and let their words gently drift into your consciousness before you speak.
  7. We are going to tackle some tricky issues this quarter. Speak respectfully to others in class. If you disagree with another student (or me), disagree in a non-reproachful way. Look at that student, not me. Criticize the student’s words, not the student.
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