How to write your 110g section response papers

Your section papers should be doubled spaced, stapled, and use parenthetical references to your readings. For books: (Foner, 638). For the online readings: (Churchill, 1946). The paper should be between one and two pages in length. Don’t forget to insert page numbers. Don’t forget to spell check and grammar check your paper; no separate page for the title or the bibliography.

Endeavor to make a clear argument in the first paragraph of your response paper. Develop and support your assertion in the next paragraphs. Sum up what you think in your concluding paragraph. Go ahead and use sentences like “I argue” or “this essay contends.” Bottom line: show us that you’ve given the question some clear thought.

Please do not quote from my lectures in your response papers.


Your name
History 110G
Name of your TA

Title of paper

Your essay.

Short bibliography (right after concluding paragraph).


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