Attendance and class behavior policies

Students must attend all sections for this class. Students who miss more than one section will lose six course points for each additional section. As for lecture attendance, I will take attendance six times this quarter. At the end of the quarter I will check the attendance sheets. Students who miss three lectures will lose seven full course points; students who miss four lectures will lose 14; students who miss five will lose 21; students who miss all six will fail the class.

Unless you are a DRC authorized student, please do not use any digital devices during my lectures. That means no laptops, no smartphones, no tablets, and no whatever they come up with next.

Please do not talk during my lectures; please do not read books or magazines, do your homework, sleep, or eat noisy food during my lectures. If you do any of these things I will stop what I am doing and ask you to stop right in the middle of class.

But please do ask questions during class; please ask me to clarify something in my lectures, or to raise some concern about some historical issue, or to ponder some tangential matter that you think is relevant to the discussion. And please do visit me during my office hours, which are posted elsewhere on this website.


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