History 110e: ID exams

For all ID exams you will receive six IDs and have to write about four of them in paragraphs or four or five sentences each. Bring a blue book!

Identification exam #3 (May 26), Ida B. Wells, William Monroe Trotter, Leonora O’Reilly, Carry Nation, John Harlan, Alice Paul, William “Big Bill” Haywood, Bull Moose Party, Edwin Forrest, Armory Show, NAWSA, Anthony Comstock, Victoria Woodhull, Margaret Sanger, Emma Goldman, “Atlanta Compromise,” The Masses magazine, Plessy v. Ferguson, Mabel Dodge Luhan, “rule of reason” clause, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “conspicuous consumption,” Oswald Garrison Villard, Henry Lee Higginson, Mary White Ovington

Identification exam #2 (May 5), based on Painter, McGerr, and Freeberg (you should be able to find all these IDs in the respective indexes of these books).

Jane Addams; Anti-Imperialist League; The Black Man’s Burden; Platt Amendment; Teller Amendment; Henry Clay Frick; George Pullman; Free Silver! Marcus Hannah; Rudyard Kipling; Frazier B. Baker; John Mitchell; Joseph Pulitzer; Tom Johnson; McClure’s; Industrial Workers of the World; Northern Securities Company; “muckraking”; Carrie Nation; Cornelia Bradley Martin; Charles Brush; Erastus Wiman; Panic of 1907; William Jennings Bryan; Ida Tarbell

Identification exam #1 (April 14), based on Painter through chapter two (you will be tested on your reading of Painter’s chapters).

You will receive six IDs and have to write about four of them in paragraphs of four or five sentences each.

Possible IDs: Freedmen’s Bureau; National Labor Union; The Great Railroad Strike of 1877; The Paris Commune; Henry George; James G. Blaine; The Greenback Party
Jay Gould; Haymarket Martyrs; Terrence Powderly; Samuel Gompers; Frances Willard; Edward Bellamy; the 14th Amendment of the Constitution

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