History 110e final exam study guide

Your final exam will take place on Tuesday, June 7 from 8 am to 11 am. Bring a blue book and be prepared to compose a detailed essay question.

To prepare for your final exam essay, make a bunch of lists. You should know the who, when, where, why, and how of each item on your lists.

Here are the lists. Enjoy!

List 1: Two reasons why Reconstruction ended.
List 2: Three major criticisms of the Gilded Age.
List 3: Two defenses of the Gilded Age.
List 4: Three “silver bullet” solutions to the Gilded Age’s problems.
List 5: All the important issues and players in the Presidential election of 1896.
List 6: The arguments for and against the Spanish American War.
List 7: Three things the Progressives thought about race.
List 8: Four significant Presidents during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era and what they thought about stuff.
List 9: Three major Progressive era general ideas (especially as McGerr outlines them).
List 10: Three major Progressive era reforms.
List 11: Three Progressive era feminists.
List 12: All the candidates in the Presidential election of 1912.
List 13: A way that World War I extended Progressive reform in the United States and a way that it marked the end of the era.

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