History 10b: final exam study guide

Your final exam is scheduled for Thursday, March 23, noon to 3 pm and will cover materials from week five through week ten. Here are three essay questions. Two will appear on your examination. You will have to answer one in great detail. You should review Give Me Liberty chapters 21 through 26, the class PowerPoint slides, and Sex and the Single Girl and The Ugly American for the exam.

Seven identifications will also appear on the exam. You will have to identify two of them in paragraphs of four or five sentences each, emphasizing the context of the ID. The identifications will consist of important people, laws, or events that I have discussed in class and that are included in your readings.

Each ID will be worth a maximum of 25 points. Your essay will be worth a maximum of 50 points.

Essay questions

1. What was the impact of FDR’s New Deal on American society? Describe four FDR/New Deal programs (you can go as far as 1945). How did they help Americans get through the Great Depression? How did they change the United States? How did they fall short of helping specific groups of people? Who wanted to go further than the New Deal, and how? What mistakes do you think FDR made during his almost four complete terms in office? In what ways could World War II count as part of the New Deal. In what ways did the war anticipate the impending Civil Rights era?

2. The early Cold War period (1946-1964) is often described as a time of “affluence and anxiety.” How did the United States respond to the challenge of the Soviet Union after the Second World War? Describe the Truman administration’s key decisions and policies regarding perceived Soviet expansionism. How did the U.S. respond domestically to what American leaders regarded as the threat of communism? If Americans stood shoulder-to-shoulder against Communism, what was the consensus on what they were for? How did our assumptions about communism lead to our involvement in Vietnam?

3. Write an expansive history of “the sixties” from around 1958 through 1979. What demographic changes caused the 1960s? Start with the Civil Rights movement in the mid-1950s and describe its key events and victories through the 1960s. How did this movement influence and shape the decade of the 1960s? How did it influence student activism, the second wave feminist movement, Chicano activism, and/or other movements you see as significant? Describe each of these movements and their main contributions (obviously your answer should take this chronology into the 1970s). Why do you think the sixties ended?

PS: Bring a blue book!

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