History 118a ID exams

History 118a: ID exams

For all ID exams you will receive six IDs and have to write about four of them in paragraphs or four or five sentences each. What to say? Who, what, when, where, and, most important, why. Give us some context! How does this ID fit into the larger conspiracy theory narrative (or the narrative of this class)?

You’ll have a half hour for the exam. Each ID will be worth 25 points. Bring a blue book!

Identification exam #3 – (Thursday June 1) please study the relevant Olmsted, Aaronovitch, and Walker chapters (“The Water’s Gate”) on the Kennedy assassination, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Watergate.

Possible IDs:

Earl Warren, Mark Lane,  Jim Garrison, Sylvia Meagher, Abraham Zapruder,  Nicholas Katzenbach, Clay Shaw,  Barbara Garson,  Matthew Smith, Lyndon LaRouche, Martin Bashir,  Mohammed Al Fayed,  David Cohen, Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI,  Martin Luther King Jr and COINTELPRO, Operation Chaos, Pentagon Papers, Mae Brussell, Geraldo Rivera, Frank Church

Identification exam #2 – (May 11) please study from all readings related to the Stalin purge trials, Pearl Harbor controversy, and McCarthyism (Aaronovitch and Olmsted). Note that a few IDs from your first list are also on this one.

Possible IDs:

“205 card carrying communists”; America First; Elizabeth Bentley; Whittaker Chambers; Dudley Collard; Joseph E. Davies; Dorothy Detzer; Thomas E. Dewey; John T. Flynn; Algier Hiss;  J. Edgar Hoover; Colonel Edward House; Admiral Husband Kimmel; Charles Lindbergh Jr.; Magic; Mission to Moscow; Neutrality Acts; Richard Nixon; Leon Trotsky; Kim Philby; Georgy Pyatakov; Roberts Commission; General Walter Short; Robert E. Wood

Identification exam #1 – (April 27) please study from all readings from weeks one, two, and three for this exam.

Possible IDs:

Theodore Herzl, Serei Nilus, Gottfried Zur Beek, Senator George Norris,
Charles Beard, Harry Elmer Barnes, Maurice Joly, Henry Ford, Dorothy Detzer, Algier Hiss, Nye Committee, “Paranoid Style,” “crippled epistemology,” Colonel Edward House, Walter Hines Page, Biarritz, Priotr Rachkovsky, Lord Alfred Douglas, Charles Lindbergh Sr., Anti-Masonic Party, Illuminati, King Philip, Wovoka, “Five Primal Myths,” “cognitive infiltration,” The Neutrality Acts, Andrew Jackson, Second Bank of the United States, Manhattan Fire of 1741, Richard Hofstadter

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