Class rules, decorum, and other stuff

The following pertains to History 15, 110e, 110f, 110g, 118 and 118a. If you’ve enrolled in one of these classes, you must adhere to the following rules and protocols.


First, please attend section. You are required to attend every section, to arrive on time and to stay through the entire section period. You are permitted one section absence. After that you will lose five points of course credit for every missed section. Please come to section on time. Please don’t leave early. If you repeatedly come to section late, your teaching assistant will begin deducting section credit from your overall grade.

Second, please attend my lectures. You are required to attend every lecture, to arrive on time and to stay through the entire lecture period. I will be taking attendance six times  through the quarter. You are permitted two lecture absences on those attendance sheets. After that you will lose five points of course credit for each missed lecture.

Please come to lecture on time. Please don’t leave early. If you fall into a pattern of habitual lateness, I will mark you as absent for each time that you arrive late.

Technology and other distractions

If you are going to use digital devices to take notes in my class, please sit in the front rows. That rule encompasses laptops, cellphones, smartphones,  tablets, and whatever else they come up with next. If I see you texting during class I will pause my lecture and ask you to stop. If it happens again I will mark you absent for the lecture.

Unless you are a DRC student, please do not audio record my lectures. Please do not video record my lectures under any circumstances.

Please do not read books while I am lecturing. Please do not do course work or other work while I am lecturing. Please do not talk with others while I am lecturing. Please do not sleep while I am lecturing. If I see you sleeping I will ask you to leave and mark you absent for the lecture.

Class participation

Please do ask questions in class. Just raise your hand and say, “I have a question.” Or, I will always ask for questions after the break, which usually happens after 50 minutes of lecturing. Don’t be afraid to ask class related questions. Sometimes I may say something like “I’m not sure I know the answer to that question” (yes way). In that instance I’ll have an answer by the next class.

Office hours

Please do visit me during my office hours. Come for any reason. It can be classroom specific or if you just want to talk about stuff in general, that’s fine too.

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