Bob Mason on why Americans love Buddhism

That Wittgenstein guy. Source: uncyclopedia

That Wittgenstein guy. Source: uncyclopedia

Why do we Americans dig this Zen Buddhism stuff? Are we superficial? Profound? And what does this have to do with that Wittgenstein philosopher guy? Bob has the answers, but they’re not pretty.


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2 Responses to Bob Mason on why Americans love Buddhism

  1. jean paul sartre says:

    Boy, this guy laughs at his own jokes a lot!

    What’s so funny about the human condition, you know? See my “L’Existentialisme est un humanisme (Existentialism is a Humanism)” for more painful thoughts and thought control techniques.

    Getting in touch with reality is a good idea, if it means anything. When you’re dead like me, anything is a good idea.

    What’s missing in buddhism, wittgenstein, and this obnoxious bob dude is any real sense of the political context in which we live. Unfortunately, everything I touched in my life turned into Stalinsm. Or postmodernism, dear God.
    I apologize to the Universe.

  2. Matthew Lasar says:

    Bob is not an “obnoxious dude,” he’s a cool dude. And he’s right to laugh at his own jokes. They’re funny!

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